“This is the most unique film ever made about Tesla.” (US film news portal CinemaNerdz, February 20, 2014)

Film beyond the boundaries of science, between a documentary and wonder, about the encounter with the “reincarnation” of Nikola Tesla.

By chance Roman A. Tolic, independent filmmaker from Austria, heard about a man whose name is, and who claims to be a reincarnation of Nikola Tesla – this nearly forgotten genius, is referred to as “the Greatest Inventor of all Time”, “Wizard of Electricity” and “Ruler of the World”.

The film talks about the encounter of Roman and the reincarnated Tesla in an enchanting village in Serbia called “Rashaville” (with 128 animals) on Good Friday. On that occasion, the Nikola Tesla (46) gives an exclusive interview, talks in detail about his reincarnation, the past and future, and gives his explanations of the essential issues that drive humanity.

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