1456873_10152040212999434_2122263481_n Talking about „believers“, who exactly do I mean by using this term? Does this mean people who believe in the reincarnated Tesla? Not necessarily.

To me, believers are people, who walk through their life very open minded, what doesn’t mean naive. It means more to consider the possibilities of things that seem to be hard to believe or cannot be proved, like the already discussed 3rd eye, or reincarnation. Of course, there might only be the possibility of this things existing, and it’s also possible, that this is only imagination. But – does it really change a life into negative to believe in things like this?

To me this is the point that makes the difference: Believing in ourselves, in the possibility to change life to the better only because you choose to believe in the (unknown) potentials, this alone might change my life to the positive. So to me the difference between believing or doubting is very simple: it is simply to choose to be happy, whatever happens, for the rest of your life. It is choosing to believe that at the end all will be good. It is to believe, that all of this might be caused by things, that science is not able to explain. To me, this is the only thing different, that believers do… and everyone can. So… do you believe?

by Tina Englisch

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