Behind The Scenes: The Purple Umbrella

Tesla 4Ivana, what is unique about the film project “Return of Tesla”, so special that you said: “YES”?
The way it all started is unique: Nikola Tesla is unique, as is the way Roman Tolic, the film director and producer, and I met after almost 20 years. As if „something“ connected us in the given moment. This film project is something yet unseen in the world and I am glad to be a part of it.

What are your activities in the film project?
My initial role was to interprete and organize the translation of the entire film. From the original idea, we came to that that I support complete organization of the project and „come to the rescue“ whenever a problem emerges.

It is difficult to define us, anyway, how would you describe yourself in two sentences?
Responsible, independent and hard-working; always eager for change and curious. And on the other hand sensitive and fragile, very emotional.

tesla 3

What is so special about Mr. Tesla?
Tesla is special in every way. In the way he expresses himself, the way he communicates, both in writing and face to face. The ease of communication with him is amazing. And listening to everything he has to say and share with others is fascinating and when I listen to him I feel as if time does not exist and I could listen to him speak like that unaware of how much time has passed.

Tell us about your professional carrier, the highlights so far?
As a teacher of the German language, I worked in the German School in Belgrade, then I worked in several Austrian companies and the German Embassy. The highlight of my career is most certainly the founding of my own company for translation and consulting, which has been operating successfully for 3 years already.

Ivana Cvetkovic is CEO of Beo Network Expert. Contact Info via LinkedIn

by Tina Englisch

Tesla’s angel from Detroit

marija makeskaMarija Makeska, you are the first journalist who has interviewed Nikola Tesla Reincarnation for an UK and an US movie portal. Do you think that it can be true?

Why shouldn’t it be true? Anything is possible in the universe.

Did Tesla reveal something about yourself that you weren’t aware of? 

A lot of things, but my announcements will come out at the right place and at the right time.

Read more…

Did you know…

tesla dzeki cen…why Tesla never was as famous as Edison?

At first, Tesla worked for Edison. When he quit working, Edison did not only take credit for Teslas achievements; moreover he contradicted some of his own work, just to discredit Teslas work. Read more…

The very private Tesla… an Interview: part 2

What do you like in life – generally speaking?

I like the sunrise and the sunset. I enjoy the sound of raindrops, watching the rainbow, listening to Beethoven’s fifth symphony, walking in the forest, walking barefoot, talking to people with open hearts, bathing in nature, drinking spring water, cocoa, lemonade and milk, and eating vanilla ice cream.

What would you do if you had time to spend on your own?

Meditating and being with people with an open heart, because they are the greatest fortune of the universe. Read more…

The very private Tesla… an Interview: part 1

tesla knjiga

Photo: Dusan Dudu Novakovic 2013

If you should describe yourself in 3 word, what words would that be?

intuitive, deep, disciplined

What is most important to you privately?

love, listening to my heart

What is your favourite food?

Yogurt with spices from India. I prefer a clove spice. The highest quality cloves come from Eastern India and Singapore. Read more…

All Christmases and All New Years

1508634_10152130467969434_1354472988_nEvery religion has its own Christmas and its own New Year. From the third dimension: 25th December is seen as the Catholic Christmas, and 7th January is seen as the Orthodox Christmas.

And there are many more Christmases on this planet as well as on other planets in the infinite and eternal Universe. Everyone believes in what they want. There are individual beliefs, and there are mass beliefs. 7 billion people on the planet Earth has 7 billion individual truths, but all those truths are relative, and they all strive for absolute truth, and all other mankind on all other planets in the infinite and eternal Universe seek the truth.

Each large group has its own calendar, and its own beliefs and its own science, and its own everything. Some celebrate 1st January as New Year, others celebrate 13th January, still others celebrate their own New Years, each in their own way, in their beliefs, in their worldview, on their dates. Time is relative. Eternity is absolute. He who is in time only, sees through 3 dimensions, and now and then subconsciously enters the 4th dimension in dreams, but he who is in eternity, sees through all other dimensions…, and to him Christmas and New Year are depending on time travel, because he can travel in time at his own will and enter into each New Year and each Christmas, at his timeless will.

Christmas, the birth of Christ, is the beginning of the new epoch of awakening of the mankind, and now is the epoch, the era, when this awakening is accelerating.

Every awakening leads to LOVE.

Dear: earthmen, earth women, male and female aliens, happy all Christmases and all New Years in all times until infinity and eternity……..∞ Tesla R.

By Nikola Tesla Reincarnation

Man ahead of time

out of timeNikola Tesla: inventor, genius, visionair… and never understood during his whole lifetime, he always seemed to be long way ahead of the time he lived in.

Nikola Tesla reincarnated somehow seems not to have escaped of this somehow unfortunate destiny, looking at him and his life from a distance, it in a way seems to be nothing but a remake of what he had gone through in his first existence: a life without real public recognition and understanding. Read more…

Non physical phenomena

1480608_10152068386879434_304217160_nWe have already been talking about reincarnation, the 3rd eye, the possibility of wireless electric transmission in ancient ages, and about tesla’s visions. These things, but especially things like the 3rd eye are considered non physical phenomena, they cannot be explained or proved by physical methods. Therefore, the only prove for their existence is your believe, and this is how you can use them.

It is hard for our science focused society to believe in things that cannot be evaluated, nor you can see them and there is no one who can or would guarantee their existence. But still they exist. Doubters would now say – something like Santa Clause – and add a poor smile, but believers would point out: Air. Love. Knowledge. Nothing of it can be seen, love cannot even be proved. But you can feel it. Read more…


1456873_10152040212999434_2122263481_n Talking about „believers“, who exactly do I mean by using this term? Does this mean people who believe in the reincarnated Tesla? Not necessarily.

To me, believers are people, who walk through their life very open minded, what doesn’t mean naive. It means more to consider the possibilities of things that seem to be hard to believe or cannot be proved, like the already discussed 3rd eye, or reincarnation. Of course, there might only be the possibility of this things existing, and it’s also possible, that this is only imagination. But – does it really change a life into negative to believe in things like this? Read more…

Fiction or Non-Fiction, this is the question?

tesla shooting 2Return of Tesla – a new film project; independent film, risky, opinion splitting. But what exactly is it? Is it real? Is it fiction? Is it a documentary or is it a movie? Well, I’d say, of course, the topic makes us at first think of narration, of something that is made up, because it is not an „every days topic”, something that makes all of us question our reality and brings up controverses. But it is not, as you might think, a movie, this film is nothing less than a documentary! No actors, no fictional story background and not even just based on a true story…what we will present you is the true story. Read more…

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