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Photo credit: Martyr Little-heart

Photo credit: Martyr Little-heart

One blog… to inform our future spectators and everyone who is interested in the film what is going on on the production front:

Several days ago the last takes are filmed, the last shootings were performed to obtain the remaining scenes, press material, poster, new trailer and footage for social media: the takes will let Tesla reincarnated present himself in the clothes, he had worn a 100 years ago.

Tesla was very disciplined and cooperative during the filming, seeming to be very happy to wear the clothes he wore a 100 years ago. There was just one thing he refused to cooperate:

“Do not cut my mustache and brows, because I had never cut or shaved them, I told them not to grow longer any more.” Read more…

Do you see – through your 3rd eye?

Nikola Tesla

The 3rd eye is often mentioned, but what exactly is it? It means „seeing“ through an energetic connection to the universe, it means being able to use your intuition and the worlds knowledge, it means widening your daily conscience and use up to your inconscience.

Esotericism? No way, and I do have proofs. Did you ever think of someone you didn’t see or talk to for a long time and shortly after you meet that person? Or receive a phone call? Did you ever receive a phone call and before answering you already knew exactly, who would be on the other end of the line? Coincidence you might say. Maybe I will answer. But what if there is no coincidence and it was just you sending out your energies just to establish a contact? Read more…

Let us finally face it: Reincarnation

reinkarnacijaDo you believe? „Don’t be a pain in my ass“, the average middle European citizen would react, if the subject comes to reincarnation. This is esotericism, would be their argument, and therefore, it is not very requested in our modern and busy business world. Very differently from the average Indian, I suppose bringing up this topic would make you a very desirable deipnosophist. But who is right? We could blame this on religion. But isn’t it true, that although Christianity is talking about a never ending life and an immortal soul?

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Tesla’s charity

fundebienSan Jose en Baca, Mexico, 2013. Hacienda Bienestar Natural A.C. (Fundebien):  Impecunious people are treated in a beautiful clinic on a 50 hectare wooden area to heal their cancer, completely free of charge.

Why is this important to us, to our project? Well, it’s not only rumours, that Tesla had been experimenting with healing currents, the heal physical illness and pain. He believed, that this currents could be passed into the body harmlessly, and even more than that, have electrotherapeutic use for it. It is said that after an accident in the streets of New York, he got to his hotel room and recovered from his fractures, using exactly this electrotherapy. He also published articles about his discovery, but never had it patented.

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Tesla’s Visions


First of all – we need to understand – what is a vision; or better – what do I mean, if I talk about „visions“ in this context? To me, a vision is an idea, an imagination created by your inner self, of how you want the future to be. This might have come to you in different ways, maybe you just dreamed about it, or you developed the idea just by evolving your projects imaginating where this all can lead to. Visionaries are mostly very different people, might come to a point where the public simply calls them insane.

Reality shows us: every invention we are using today was once the idea of someone insane. Imagine, you would be living in the 10th century, and someone had told you: wait some thousand years, and manhood will be able to fly in a sort of machine that works with fossil fuels. Oh dear, be honest, you would have called this person out of his mind.

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The egyptians, the mayas and the amazing connex to Nikola Tesla

800px-All_Gizah_Pyramids-2chichenIf you go to concern yourself with Nikola Tesla, you find a huge range of myths and beliefs around him. As like the myth of the pyramids and the missing lamp black on the their walls.
As far as it concerns egyptologic science, they do confess that there was a lot of lamp black on the walls that had to be cleaned up first, but not as much as it would have been necessary to do all the paintings and wall inscriptions.
Other believers tell that exactly these wall paintings show, that the old egyptian civilization had already used a kind of electricity, they are talking about the dendera light, which by the egyptologists is explained as a relief of egyptian mythology – a djed pillar and a lotus flower. Read more…

Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla!

Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla!


It is the 10th of July, 157 years ago. The day, that one of the worlds greatest geniuses of mankind came into the world: Nikola Tesla. He is known… just a moment.

Tesla himself never really got well-known. Many of his inventions did, but not under his name: like the radio is well known for being invented by Marconi, X-Rays by W.K. Röntgen and general daily electrical power supply by Thomas Edison. Wrong. Behind them is no one less than Nikola Tesla.
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