All Christmases and All New Years

1508634_10152130467969434_1354472988_nEvery religion has its own Christmas and its own New Year. From the third dimension: 25th December is seen as the Catholic Christmas, and 7th January is seen as the Orthodox Christmas.

And there are many more Christmases on this planet as well as on other planets in the infinite and eternal Universe. Everyone believes in what they want. There are individual beliefs, and there are mass beliefs. 7 billion people on the planet Earth has 7 billion individual truths, but all those truths are relative, and they all strive for absolute truth, and all other mankind on all other planets in the infinite and eternal Universe seek the truth.

Each large group has its own calendar, and its own beliefs and its own science, and its own everything. Some celebrate 1st January as New Year, others celebrate 13th January, still others celebrate their own New Years, each in their own way, in their beliefs, in their worldview, on their dates. Time is relative. Eternity is absolute. He who is in time only, sees through 3 dimensions, and now and then subconsciously enters the 4th dimension in dreams, but he who is in eternity, sees through all other dimensions…, and to him Christmas and New Year are depending on time travel, because he can travel in time at his own will and enter into each New Year and each Christmas, at his timeless will.

Christmas, the birth of Christ, is the beginning of the new epoch of awakening of the mankind, and now is the epoch, the era, when this awakening is accelerating.

Every awakening leads to LOVE.

Dear: earthmen, earth women, male and female aliens, happy all Christmases and all New Years in all times until infinity and eternity……..∞ Tesla R.

By Nikola Tesla Reincarnation

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