Do you see – through your 3rd eye?

Nikola Tesla

The 3rd eye is often mentioned, but what exactly is it? It means „seeing“ through an energetic connection to the universe, it means being able to use your intuition and the worlds knowledge, it means widening your daily conscience and use up to your inconscience.

Esotericism? No way, and I do have proofs. Did you ever think of someone you didn’t see or talk to for a long time and shortly after you meet that person? Or receive a phone call? Did you ever receive a phone call and before answering you already knew exactly, who would be on the other end of the line? Coincidence you might say. Maybe I will answer. But what if there is no coincidence and it was just you sending out your energies just to establish a contact?Let me go a little further: what, if this is not just possible with people you know? What, if you can „order“ anything you want just from the universe, and whatever you ordered will get into your life just as soon as you are ready to receive it?

Tesla said: people will start to interest in me in 2012. Last year, Hollywood started to plan two new Blockbusters on the Tesla topic. Wasn’t this exactly 2012. How could he know?

Maybe we should open to start considering to order our fortune…

by Tina Englisch

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