Fiction or Non-Fiction, this is the question?

tesla shooting 2Return of Tesla – a new film project; independent film, risky, opinion splitting. But what exactly is it? Is it real? Is it fiction? Is it a documentary or is it a movie? Well, I’d say, of course, the topic makes us at first think of narration, of something that is made up, because it is not an „every days topic”, something that makes all of us question our reality and brings up controverses. But it is not, as you might think, a movie, this film is nothing less than a documentary! No actors, no fictional story background and not even just based on a true story…what we will present you is the true story.

Our vision is not to convince, not to prepare an opinion and spread this over the world. It’s much simpler…

There is a person, who claims to be the reincarnation of one of the biggest geniuses ever lived on this planet. Nikola Tesla. This man himself seems to be a genius as well. We don’t have a proof if this is true, if he is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla or not. All we want to do is give this interesting man the chance to say what he has to say; and you the spectators the chance to decide yourself…

by Tina Englisch


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