Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla!

Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla!


It is the 10th of July, 157 years ago. The day, that one of the worlds greatest geniuses of mankind came into the world: Nikola Tesla. He is known… just a moment.

Tesla himself never really got well-known. Many of his inventions did, but not under his name: like the radio is well known for being invented by Marconi, X-Rays by W.K. Röntgen and general daily electrical power supply by Thomas Edison. Wrong. Behind them is no one less than Nikola Tesla.

Correct. The alternating current motor and AC electricity supply system (which change the way we use energy) is an invention of the genius, just as the radio, remote control, the Tesla coil, Tesla turbine and a number of about 300 other patents.

Now we are in the year 2013. Who’s still in school these days, and considers himself being at least a little interested in physics, has for sure some understanding who was Nikola Tesla and what he did for humanity. But what, if just in this year a man appears in front of you telling: „I am Nikola Tesla.“ Would you think he is crazy? Would you listen to him? What would you do?

This is exactly what happened to the Team around Roman Tolic in 2013. „I am Nikola Tesla“, with these words we found ourselves confronted by anyone less than Nikola Tesla himself. And of course, we did ask ourselves: what do we do? And then, we just listened to him, without (ad)judging. Even though we are not able to answer the question about the veracity of his story, there is one thing we do know: we have a great personality in front of our camera, and we can make something happen, that Nikola Tesla in his lifetime couldn’t achieve: worldwide acknowledgement for his lif
With this in mind: Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla!e’s work.

by Tina Englisch

Tina Englisch writes the production blog, organises the world premiere and does the PR for Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Latin America. Tina speaks 6 languages, is author, singer, presenter, relationship coach and communication scientist.