It’s a wrap!

Photo credit: Martyr Little-heart

Photo credit: Martyr Little-heart

One blog… to inform our future spectators and everyone who is interested in the film what is going on on the production front:

Several days ago the last takes are filmed, the last shootings were performed to obtain the remaining scenes, press material, poster, new trailer and footage for social media: the takes will let Tesla reincarnated present himself in the clothes, he had worn a 100 years ago.

Tesla was very disciplined and cooperative during the filming, seeming to be very happy to wear the clothes he wore a 100 years ago. There was just one thing he refused to cooperate:

“Do not cut my mustache and brows, because I had never cut or shaved them, I told them not to grow longer any more.”A little perplexed as you can imagine the director and producer Roman A. Tolic asked Tesla, what would the reason for this, just to be able to understand. Tesla responded: “I do not shave my mustache and eyebrows, because they possess a special energy field that will help me in achieving my dimensions.”

Therefore Roman Tolic gave the order despite major revolt to respect this and not to touch Tesla’s mustache and eyebrows. It was a huge challenge for the makeup artist Ana Stankovic, but what came out was incredible, Tesla stood in front of us like 100 years ago, the passers-by stopped, everyone wanted to have a photo or an autograph…

Unfortunately the editing will take longer than intended because the director wants to use both archival footage and graphic elements that were not originally planned.

Last step before the premiere will be the synchronisation, at the current moment into English and German.

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    Like a ghost, awesome…Tesla lives!

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