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tesla dzeki cen…why Tesla never was as famous as Edison?

At first, Tesla worked for Edison. When he quit working, Edison did not only take credit for Teslas achievements; moreover he contradicted some of his own work, just to discredit Teslas work.

…that Tesla spent years of his life trying to communicate with Mars?

Tesla believed that there was an intelligent civilization which was a quite common believe at this time. Anyway he was about to say that very soon, there will be a possibility to establish a way to transmit the communication signal.

…that Tesla never was a rich man, that he had to work hard for his achievements as well as to find someone who believed in him just as much as to finance his researches?

All his lifetime, Tesla was quite short on money. He worked for others, was cheated on; he had to fight in court for his patents and was more than once used by others. All the same he did never give up and followed up his own truth.

by Tina Englisch

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