Let us finally face it: Reincarnation

reinkarnacijaDo you believe? „Don’t be a pain in my ass“, the average middle European citizen would react, if the subject comes to reincarnation. This is esotericism, would be their argument, and therefore, it is not very requested in our modern and busy business world. Very differently from the average Indian, I suppose bringing up this topic would make you a very desirable deipnosophist. But who is right? We could blame this on religion. But isn’t it true, that although Christianity is talking about a never ending life and an immortal soul?

Let’s move one step ahead of the religion topic and find ourselves in a very different area, that is important to all of us and concerns us more than ancient religious believes: love! Finding the right partner, finding one’s soulmate. The one person you love like you never loved before – a love that never dies. And it fact, it does not die. Even if your beloved is gone from your side, your love doesn’t die, it still exists as a form of infinite and warm energy in your heart.

And last but not least we face physics, the human body is built up on energy and as there is the conservation of energy…

Religion tells us, we will never die, physics tells, us we will never die and finally love tells us, we will never die… maybe the important question is not so much if there is reincarnation, maybe we are here just to understand that heaven might be nothing but infinite and eternal love and our purpose is to find exactly this here on earth…

by Tina Englisch

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