Man ahead of time

out of timeNikola Tesla: inventor, genius, visionair… and never understood during his whole lifetime, he always seemed to be long way ahead of the time he lived in.

Nikola Tesla reincarnated somehow seems not to have escaped of this somehow unfortunate destiny, looking at him and his life from a distance, it in a way seems to be nothing but a remake of what he had gone through in his first existence: a life without real public recognition and understanding.

So talking about reincarnation supposing you would believe in its existence: is it possible that someone indeed reincarnates to learn from his former mistakes, to make sure he finally grows? Thinking this way would mean Teslas purpose on this earth might be to break through this circle of lack of understanding and find a way to live properly and happily within doing what he is here for.

Is 2013/14 „his time“? Is the world ready for him, and is he finally ready for the world?

by Tina Englisch

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