Non physical phenomena

1480608_10152068386879434_304217160_nWe have already been talking about reincarnation, the 3rd eye, the possibility of wireless electric transmission in ancient ages, and about tesla’s visions. These things, but especially things like the 3rd eye are considered non physical phenomena, they cannot be explained or proved by physical methods. Therefore, the only prove for their existence is your believe, and this is how you can use them.

It is hard for our science focused society to believe in things that cannot be evaluated, nor you can see them and there is no one who can or would guarantee their existence. But still they exist. Doubters would now say – something like Santa Clause – and add a poor smile, but believers would point out: Air. Love. Knowledge. Nothing of it can be seen, love cannot even be proved. But you can feel it.

So in a way, there is a way to “confirm” non physical phenomena, cause even if we do not see them, they appear, they happen and they exist, just as love does. Maybe not for everyone, but for the ones who believe. In fact, it is quite similar to some physical phenomena too: if you own 1 billion U$ Dollars, they do exist for you. But have you ever seen them? Has anyone ever seen the amount of 1 Billion Dollars in cash? But still you would believe it is there, you wouldn’t go to your bank and ask them to hand it out to you in cash, just to be sure. Sounds pretty much like a non-physical phenomena, right?

This in fact is quite similar to the believe of people who are sure about the existence of the 3rd eye: For them, it works, even if they cannot see it. So…Are you a believer?

by Tina Englisch

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