Tesla’s charity

fundebienSan Jose en Baca, Mexico, 2013. Hacienda Bienestar Natural A.C. (Fundebien):  Impecunious people are treated in a beautiful clinic on a 50 hectare wooden area to heal their cancer, completely free of charge.

Why is this important to us, to our project? Well, it’s not only rumours, that Tesla had been experimenting with healing currents, the heal physical illness and pain. He believed, that this currents could be passed into the body harmlessly, and even more than that, have electrotherapeutic use for it. It is said that after an accident in the streets of New York, he got to his hotel room and recovered from his fractures, using exactly this electrotherapy. He also published articles about his discovery, but never had it patented.

This was, when Lakovsky, a russian scientist, inspired by Nikola Teslas publications, began to build a device, that now is used in the „Hacienda Bienestar“ – just to help people to heal and recover from their cancer. Another great invention, Nikola Tesla doesn’t take credit for, but I think, he himself wouldn’t mind, because it is used to do good. That is why Nikola Tesla wants to support Hacienda Bienestar en Yucatan, Mexico, because good energy is everlasting.


by Tina Englisch

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