Tesla’s Visions


First of all – we need to understand – what is a vision; or better – what do I mean, if I talk about „visions“ in this context? To me, a vision is an idea, an imagination created by your inner self, of how you want the future to be. This might have come to you in different ways, maybe you just dreamed about it, or you developed the idea just by evolving your projects imaginating where this all can lead to. Visionaries are mostly very different people, might come to a point where the public simply calls them insane.

Reality shows us: every invention we are using today was once the idea of someone insane. Imagine, you would be living in the 10th century, and someone had told you: wait some thousand years, and manhood will be able to fly in a sort of machine that works with fossil fuels. Oh dear, be honest, you would have called this person out of his mind.


So, what was Tesla’s vision, let’s say about 100 years ago? It was the wireless transmission of energy through all distances in the universe. Well, we are not jet there, but we already do with information. And nowadays? Tesla himself told me: It is to reach infinity and eternity.

Which is very possible, if you believe in a life, that never ends… if you believe… ;-)

by Tina Englisch

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  1. 10/08/2013 23:58


    (Oh,) I see “Infinity and eternity” is also the subheading of “Return of Tesla”

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