The egyptians, the mayas and the amazing connex to Nikola Tesla

800px-All_Gizah_Pyramids-2chichenIf you go to concern yourself with Nikola Tesla, you find a huge range of myths and beliefs around him. As like the myth of the pyramids and the missing lamp black on the their walls.
As far as it concerns egyptologic science, they do confess that there was a lot of lamp black on the walls that had to be cleaned up first, but not as much as it would have been necessary to do all the paintings and wall inscriptions.
Other believers tell that exactly these wall paintings show, that the old egyptian civilization had already used a kind of electricity, they are talking about the dendera light, which by the egyptologists is explained as a relief of egyptian mythology – a djed pillar and a lotus flower.Anyway. I myself refuse to decide about right or wrong. I saw a documentary and read several articles about the possibilities, that pyramids transmit wireless energy or even more: the pyramids were built to create “wireless electricity”. Also there was a physiological intent that proved, that inside a pyramid, there is a huge amount of energy provided. So it might be possible, that the egypts knew about energy transfer, just as Nikola Tesla did. Fact is… if you compare the pyramids – and not only the egypt ones, also the mayans, and all the others you find spreaded all over the world, you find quite a similarity to Tesla’s Wireless Energy Tower “Wardenclyffe Tower” on Long Island, New York (1901–1917), that in fact was transmitting energy without cables, just using the air, or physically spoken: through luminiferous aether.
And the question is: if this is true and everything existed in ancient high crops – even higher developed as nowadays… do we need geniuses, to re-establish, or do we just need to remember adequately?

by Tina Englisch

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