Tina Englisch


What is unique about the film project “Return of Tesla”, so special that you said: “YES”?

I am always listening to my heart and when I saw what Roman Tolic was looking for, there was a clear – cool, I wanna do that. Meanwhile I found out, that this decision was completely right, I like the free-spirited approach, the openness and the “looking beyond the borders”.

It is difficult to define us, anyway, how would you describe yourself in two sentences?

I think it is really difficult to characterize me, most likely might be: does not fit into any ordinary mould. On one hand I am affectionate, humorous, fun-loving, but on the other hand profound, and reflective, but always cosmopolitan.

What are your activities in the film project?

I do the PR for Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Latin America, I write the production blog and organise the world premiere.

Soon you’ll write a blog on the official film site, tell us about the first story?

I do not want to sellout to much, for now there is to be told… the blog starts with a big celebration.

Your life is like a movie, what were the highlights so far?

My life is like a movie? Well… i never looked at it like this, but yes, must be true viewed from the outside. From the outside point of view there might be identified some phases of life, that definitely may be recognized as highlights: there is the time as an active snowboard racer, my travelling activities and periods abroad, my professional activities and last but not least, my way to me. But if I am responding to this question as myself, without using the outside view to mirror my life, giving my personal, inner respond, then I will have to answer: I have just an average life like everyone has or could have. In fact, it doesn’t really matter where you are or what you are doing there, I as everyone else, just go from one day to the other. Honestly speaking I think that every single day for itself is a highlight. 1. because i may experience it. 2. because on every single day everything is possible, and its only up to you to choose which possibilities you take. I am very greatful for my life, its simply awesome.

Tina Englisch speaks 6 languages, is author, singer, presenter, horse whisperer, competition horse rider, successful ex-snowboarder, relationship coach and communication scientist


Tina Englisch